Effective Communication Using DISC

Which DISC personality profile are you?

One of the benefits of coaching is the ability to hold an effective conversation. Knowing what question to ask at the right time and respectfully listening so that rapport can be built and maintained throughout the coaching relationship. 
During the first coaching session, I like my clients to complete a DISC personality profile so that I can get to know them in minutes rather than months, tailoring my language to theirs.  

  • How would you feel if you could get to know people in minutes rather than months? 

  • What difference would it make to your business if you could find your ideal client or next employee by observing what they say and noticing how they behave? 

  • What positive impact would effective communication have on your relationships whether at home or work? 

Imagine you had this knowledge to answer these questions through identification of personality types. 
Your core values influence the way you think, act and communicate with other people and enable you to make decisions. DISC is a personality profiling tool, also known as a psychometric test. There are several types of psychometric tests that you may have heard of or experienced 

  • Myers Briggs - I'm ENFP 

  • Insights - Colours, no surprise I am yellow/red 

  • Tetra Map - elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water 

  • Belbin - Self Perception Inventory and Team Role Inventory 

  • DISC - I'm ID - The Persuader 

The modern day DISC methodology was founded on years of research undertaken by American psychologist and inventor Dr William M Marston (1893-1947). Dr Marston also invented the lie detector machine (the polygraph). 
DISC is an acronym based on four core personality groupings. Everyone will fall into one or more of the following categories. 

  • Dominant 

  • Influencing 

  • Steady 

  • Compliant 

Marston’s DISC behavioural model classifies people primarily as either TASK ORIENTATED or PEOPLE ORIENTATED, and then as either OUTGOING or RESERVED
Which are you? 

There are no correct or incorrect answers, however each will tell you something about your predominant business style and your preferred decision making style. 
Thank you to Bev James, CEO The Coaching Academy for teaching me all I know about DISC. If you want to learn more read “Do it or Ditch it” by Bev James or my book  “Empowering Employee Engagement – How to ignite your team for peak performance” delves into more detail – you can buy it at the special price of £2.50 from https://www.accendocoaching.co.uk/store/ignite-book 




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