Empowering Employee Engagement:

How To Ignite Your Team For Peak Performance Paperback

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Publisher - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (1 Dec. 2016)
Language - English
Paperback - 158 pages
ISBN-10 - 1536974560
ISBN-13 - 978-1536974560
Dimensions - 12.7 x 0.91 x 20.32 cm
Best Sellers Rank: 1,539,828 in Books
4,151 in Business Coaching & Mentoring Skills
Customer reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 22 ratings (Amazon)

“Claire’s book is full of practical wisdom that can instantly be applied to motivate employees to perform at their peak. Her ‘Do it’ approach coupled with her ‘Ignite’ coaching programme reaffirms the incredible value and power of life coaching and how the right techniques can assist employees to boost their motivation, accelerate their performance and achieve success.”
Bev James CEO of The Coaching Academy and bestselling Author of Do it! or Ditch it.

Details In this book, Claire Cahill offers business and team leaders a unique process for raising the performance of their staff using a coaching-based method called the Ignite Programme. By implementing a range of carefully selected coaching skills and tools, Claire shows how any leader can bring about fundamental change within an unengaged or dysfunctional team. Empowering Employee Engagement reveals the combination of theory, case study and methodology used during a 12-week experiment to take nine individuals from disempowered to engaged. It shows the approaches, strategies, tools and methods used to bring about change for both the individual team members, the business as a whole and for Claire herself. As such, this book forms an open case study and management guide for any team leader or business manager wanting to bring about significant changes in team and business performance.

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