Case Study - Karen's Story

It was something so simple of changing her attitude from "I can't" to a "I can" where the shift happened

She had very little confidence in herself or her ability. She struggled to perform consistently and was really confused about how to move forward. She thought she had tried everything, and she wasn’t sure what else she could do to improve either her performance or the way she felt about herself.  

Karen didn’t want to just give up, and she thought that maybe a different manager, direction, views and help might enable her to move forward so she could start to get somewhere.  

She quickly started to discover a lot about herself while working on the Ignite programme.  

At the end of the 12-week programme, Karen had this to say about the experience.  

“The Ignite Programme has helped me on a daily basis with my confidence. Through increasing my confidence, my achievements against my key performance indicators improved. It was something so simple: I just changed my “can’t do” attitude into a “can do and I will try my best” attitude. As well as a pay rise, I now also receive an increased bonus. Best of all, I now have confidence in myself.”  

What Karen is doing 18 months later  

Karen definitely does have confidence!  

After 10 years, she finally decided to face her fears and follow her dreams. She applied for a new job as a mortgage consultant, which involves studying. She has successfully passed her CEMAP exam to become qualified. To achieve this, she had to leave the company, which had been her comfort blanket.  

As a result of flying from the nest, she has continued to grow and is now recognised as a top performer within another company. She has recognised that her skills are transferable, so she has flexibility in her career. 

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