Case Study - Julie's Story

Untangling the web to find clarity, confidence and solutions

My journey with Claire has been one of revelation, determination and sheer stubbornness, all of which are my battles with myself!.  Prior to working with Claire I had just left the corporate world and started my own company.  When I met Claire I’d just changed my world and was trying to find reason in the decision I had made so its safe to say that I was out of my depth and needing clarity.   


Having had a senior corporate position I hadn’t had much exposure to coaching as an individual but had experienced the impacts of coaching through other senior leaders.   However when searching for the coach I knew that I wanted someone who was strong willed, determined, professional but approachable.  When having the initial conversation with Claire I knew that she would be perfect for what I was looking for, someone who could challenge me in a professional yet personal method. 


Claire has empowered me to achieve so many goals over the past year and I am looking forward to being able to reflect on this years achievements next year.  The goals included, but are not limited to, me finding my confidence, achieving 4 diplomas, creating a business plan and business programs to retain additional customers.  


I don’t think I can compare my life pre and post my time with Claire as my world has had such significant changes however I can compare how empowering it is to have someone in your corner, someone who you can openly talk to and work with to find solutions!  Its definitely something I hadn’t had experience of prior to working with Claire.  That in itself provides me with so much more strength and belief in my own abilities.  


If you are considering working with Claire then I would simply recommend that you do it.  If you are wanting to achieve, to be held accountable, wanting to stretch and challenge your mindset then Claire is the best person to work with.  


For me Claire is able to help me make sense of my mind, when I’m putting barriers up either because of imposter syndrome or confidence she is able to untangle the web and help me find clarity.   Claire can do this through her personable yet business focused approach.

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