Case Study - Ailsa's Story

Ignite Your Potential supercharges leadership skills for financial success

Ailsa has always been quite a driven person and enjoys taking pride in what she does which has the effect of internal motivation not being a problem.  However, she felt that she had become somewhat complacent and wanted some training that she knew would give her a boost, or a ‘supercharge’ if you will!

From being around Claire regularly at networking before the programme, she didn’t have any reservations about working with Claire because Ailsa found her enthusiasm and energy infectious!  Ailsa loves to be around positive, upbeat, problem solving people.


Claire helps you look at things from a different perspective from your own which can be extremely insightful and allows you to see not only how others see the world, but how you do too!


When you are happy in your role (especially sales roles) your clients and customers can tell and Ailsa believes that this then grows their confidence in you and your product or service (because if you’re good at what you do you will enjoy it!).  Ailsa completed the programme with Claire in December 2022 which is the same month that her organisations financial year (and therefore annual targets!) began again.  Ailsa hit her annual target in March 2023 which was 8 months early!  She believes that this is because when she is dealing with her clients she is able to focus on how there can be in a win/win situation for both parties and finding out what’s important to them and how to deliver it in such a way as they will buy into the proposition. Ailsa knew that this was the best way to build client relationships already, however Claire gave her the tools to really be able to put this into practice in very practical, specific and focussed ways.

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