Case Study - Aaron's Story

How set back & the implementation of a personal development plan secures a leadership role

Aaron was bored.  

He had been in his role for eight years, and he felt he wasn’t getting anywhere very fast.  

His performance was suffering because he was bored and because he could be easily distracted by chat about irrelevant facts, just to pass the time of day.  

It was important that I raised Aaron’s awareness of his habits sooner rather than later. I shared information about both the comfort zone and the change curve with him and asked him to plot where he was on the curve. I used this tool on a weekly basis to help him identify his progress. Aaron found the SWOT analysis very useful because it highlighted opportunities that he could take advantage of and that played to his strengths. It also helped him to develop skills that could further support him in his role. When I set goals with Aaron, I knew it was important that they stretched him. They needed to take him outside his comfort zone where he could satisfy his motivators: growth and recognition.  

Once his goals has been linked to his motivators and values, and he was pushing himself outside his comfort zone, he went from strength to strength.  

At the end of the programme, Aaron had secured an opportunity to support new staff in the business, and as a result, he soon started to share his skills and knowledge. Like Lucy, he also applied for the Team Manager Development Programme and secured a place. This resulted in him managing the team he had left to join Ignite, which he did successfully for at least six months.  

When the opportunity came up for a permanent position, he didn’t secure the role however he demonstrated his emotional resilience and asked for interview feedback. He then implemented a development plan so he could secure a position in the future. 

What Aaron is doing 18 months later  

Aaron implemented his Team Manager Development plan and has since secured a permanent leadership role with another company. This is now giving Aaron valuable opportunity to use his skills elsewhere, update his CV and gain a management qualification, which is something he may not have achieved if he had stayed with the business. 

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